Online Payment FAQ

If you have any further questions, please contact Lisa at (585) 697-3517

  • How do I pay my bill online?

    •   For detailed instructions on how to pay your bill online, click here

  • The provider on my bill is not my primary care physician. Why is this and who should I pay?

    • Depending on your visit, you may not have been seen by your primary care physician and therefore may not be paying him or her. Always pay the provider listed in the top left and bottom right corners of your bill. See the example below:

    • Can I get a receipt for proof of a medical payment for my Health Savings Account (HSA)?
      • A payment receipt will automatically be emailed to you. Save this receipt along with your original bill for HSA purposes.
    • Why is my email address required for online payment?
      • Your email address is needed for your transaction receipt to be automatically emailed to you.
    • I accidentally entered the wrong account number, paid the wrong amount, or paid the wrong provider. What do I do?
      • If these or any other problems occur, please contact Lisa at (585) 697-3517.
    • Is this a secure form of payment? How do I know my credit card information is safe?
      • We do our best to ensure your information is as secure as possible. The online payment gateway has a Class 3 EV SSL CA-G3 certificate. Click on the blue words "Secure Transaction" on each checkout page to read about the security of your sensitive data, or see the image below: